Phoenix Solutions Co's Plasma Heating Systems are used worldwide to solve the problems of waste pyrolysis, gasification, materials processing, ash melting, and more. PSC-delivered Plasma is the robust technology that powers hazardous and non-hazardous waste remediation, including low-level nuclear and biomedical wastes, metallurgical applications such as tundish heating, nanoparticle generation, silicon ingot production and Platinum group metals reclamation, and waste-to-energy conversion projects, processing municipal solid waste into energy-rich synthetic fuels. Our systems, commercial as well as municipal, operate on scales from small research and design to full scale industrial installations.

Phoenix Solutions Co is a leading supplier and innovator in the field of Plasma Heating Systems. Built on our experience and technical expertise, we provide Plasma Arc Torches that produce ultra-intense heat for the most efficient and precise Plasma Heating available. Phoenix Solutions Plasma Heating Systems operate worldwide in a diverse array of R&D, commercial, and industrial applications. Plasma technologies have been deployed in sophisticated waste-to-energy processes, reclaiming valuable energy from waste streams.

Our Plasma Heating Systems offer robust, reliable performance in the most demanding applications worldwide. Contact us to learn more about the solutions Phoenix has to offer you.

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White Papers

Phoenix Solutions has conducted dozens of in-house studies to improve our Plasma technologies.

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